Transition Inspiration from around the UK

From Shakespeare to football there are a myriad of ways teachers and schools are supporting the move from primary to secondary school for their students.

There are after school classes at secondary schools for primary pupils, drama and sport projects, summer holiday clubs and KS3 & 4 teachers taking their expertise into primary classrooms all year round.

Below is just a small sample of the imaginative approaches schools are taking. And we would love to know what your school is doing and hear of any other pro-active transition projects you think work.

So please let us know by emailing us and marking it TRANSITION in the subject header: School content will be updated regularly so all new suggestions of great transition projects welcome.

BBC Bitesize - Starting Secondary School

Stockport Academy, Stockport, Greater Manchester

After school clubs for local primary students occur on most days of the week at Stockport Academy, which are often led by the academies Year 9 & year 10 students. Attending dance clubs after school whilst still in year 5 at the local primary can have a huge difference on the attitudes and well-being of those involved when they do start year 7. They have friendly faces in higher year groups to look for around the school and at break times, they are used to the building and they know some of the teachers well already. According to the staff they have been a huge asset to the school and making the transition from KS2 – KS3. Have a look at the accompanying film we made recently at Stockport Academy.

Bristol Metropolitan Academy, Bristol

Bristol Metropolitan Academy use the summer holidays to prepare their new starters with summer schemes that run for a week at a time in August. Held at, and run by the secondary school staff, the summer schools are a relaxed way to meet future classmates, spend time getting to know teachers away from the daily grind and get to grips with getting to and from the new school every day for a week. It’s so often the small things that worry new starters, like finding their way to drama from the art block, or knowing where the toilets are, so a summer schemes held at secondary schools can help get things off to a great start.

Eyres Monsell Primary, Leicester

Championed by the Head teacher Kerry Hill, Eyres Monsell has a strong commitment to looking at practical ways in which pupils’ confidence and resilience can be nurtured developed as much as possible, enabling them to deal with change much more effectively as they develop. Time for meditation and yoga is built into the school week for all year groups, and staff, as is time for life skills sessions so that the Eyres Monsell children are not only academically ready for secondary school, but emotionally and socially ready too. Namaste.

Neston High School, Cheshire

From the start of the academic year there are taster days for Years 5 & 6 from local primary schools in English, art and history, lunch in the canteen and opportunities to mix with current Year 7 pupils. Similar to a regular induction day they start in Year 5 and occur throughout the year, so future pupils feel comfortable, know where the toilets are, have navigated the hustle and bustle of the canteen and got used to walking the corridors way before day one of Year 7. All this and a week long summer school in August open to all new starters, that they help fund by charging £5 a day to attend.

Minsthorpe Community College, South Elmsall, West Yorkshire

Minsthorpe Community College in West Yorkshire put a huge amount of time & effort into supporting pupils and parents through the move to their secondary school, starting with primary schools pupils from as young as year 1. Links with local primary schools are formed through after school classes, multi skills festivals and other year round events for both pupils and parents, so everyone gets familiar with the school way before starting. From a Year 1 multi-skills festival to a Year 6 only Family Sports Day, available to all of Wakefields’ year 6s, there are a plenty of opportunities for pupils and parents to find their feet. As well as the sport, there is a Shakespeare production for Year 5’s from numerous schools and tailored Year 6 programmes such as Minsthorpe Investigates for incoming Year 7 pupils, all on top of numerous induction days, many individually tailored to reflect individual needs.

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