Trees: Classroom presentation

In today's lesson

We're going to investigate the trees which grow on or around your school, and discover how much carbon they store. We'll develop our investigative skills and learn the skills we need to survey and record data accurately.

Introduction to the Trees Investigation

We asked Annabelle and Yousef from The Dumping Ground to visit Delamere Forest to learn about trees, how they store carbon and why this is important.

Annabelle Davis and Yousef Naseer investigate trees

How to do the Trees Investigation

This short film contains a step-by-step guide to completing the Trees Investigation.

How to do the Trees investigation

Investigating trees

Trees are really important for many reasons, and you are going to discover why.

In this investigation you are going to:

  • Survey as many of the trees on your school site as you can
  • Record how tall they are, and the circumference of their trunks
  • Examine the trees for anything unusual and make a note of your findings
  • Use a carbon calculator to work out how much carbon each tree is storing
  • Calculate the total amount of carbon stored by all the trees at your school
  • Discover why trees storing carbon is important and where the carbon comes from

Have fun!

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