Exercise: Lesson resources

Lesson resources

This page contains all of the essential documents you will need to conduct the Exercise investigation.Scroll down for the how-to film, lesson plan, lesson resources, and student resources.

Don't forget, in addition, we also prepared a handy classroom presentation you can use in class and other further resources to help you to deliver the investigation.

Links to these can be found in the 'Where next?' section below, as well as a letter to be sent home to parents ahead of taking part.

How to do the Exercise investigation

These step-by-step films explain how to carry out the Exercise investigation at your school.

1. Watch this introduction video first.

Introduction film

2. This film explains how to complete task 1.

How to do task 1

3. This film explains how to complete the bleep test.

How to do the bleep test

4. This film explains how to complete the control activity.

How to do the control activity

Lesson plan

This is a quick-start two page lesson plan with an overview of activities, resources and timings. See the teacher resource for additional detail.

Download the Exercise lesson plan

Teacher resource

This is the full teacher resource with detailed information on how to complete the investigation, including background information, starter activity and investigation instructions.

Excercise teacher resource

Student resource

This is a bleep test scoring sheet. Download and print one per student in the class.

Bleep test scoring sheet

Downloadable bleep test audio

This is the downloadable audio version of the bleep test. Download and either play from a digital audio player, or burn to a CD.

Depending on your browser setup, you might need to right click the link and choose "Save link as".

Bleep test audio

Exercise Investigation - Classroom presentation
Exercise - investigations additional resources
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