Power: Classroom presentation

Let's do science!

In the Power investigation you are going to find out how much electricity it takes to run your school.

Over two weeks you will look at your school's use of electricity, and then turn 'Electric Detective' to find out if there are ways you can reduce the amount required.

Introduction to the Power Investigation

We sent Ben Shires deep undercover to investigate how electricity is used in a school, and if there were any savings which could be made. Watch this short film to find out what happened!

Setting the scene for the Terrific Scientific Power investigation.

What will we be doing?

You'll be turning 'Electric Detective' to find out where your school could become more efficient.

Each day for two weeks you'll record electricity meter readings, air temperature and weather.

In the second week you'll try out your power saving ideas.

At the end of week two you'll discover if you've managed to make a change!

How to do the Power investigation

To explain how to do each step of this investigation in more detail, Terrific Scientific have created a handy short film for you.

Switch Twitch!

Don't forget, if you need some inspiration about how your school can become more efficient, just do the Switch Twitch!

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