What is Terrific Scientific?

Welcome to Terrific Scientific!

Terrific Scientific is a set of curriculum-linked primary science resources from BBC Learning for Key Stage 2/Primary level 2 students aimed at encouraging scientific enquiry.

During 2017/2018, schools across the UK undertook 10 mass-participation science investigations linked to ‘real’ research being undertaken by universities. All these investigations have since been revised so teachers can use them at any time to fit with their teaching schedules.

The resources focus on a series of practical classroom investigations linked to the curriculum, so teachers can use each one as a stand-alone science project, or as part of a bigger topic. For each investigation, there is an introductory film, fronted by well-known figures relevant to the age-group; a ‘how to…’ film which demonstrates the investigation, a downloadable teacher resource (including curriculum links) and student worksheets.

Additional resources include specially commissioned films from programmes such as Blue Peter and Stargazing Live, as well as cross-curricular ideas, interactive quizzes and fun activities to reinforce learning. All the investigations have been designed to require minimum equipment and can be completed in any order to suit the teaching schedule. All investigations require an element of data collection and analysis, linking to the Maths curriculum.

In Autumn 2018, three new investigations will be available on Plastics, Forces and Light!

Our investigations: The Human Body and Living Things
Our investigations: The World Around Us
Terrific Scientific - Investigations additional resources