Feet: Lesson resources

Lesson resources

This page contains all of the essential documents you will need to conduct the Feet investigation. Scroll down for the how-to film, lesson plan, lesson resources, letter to send home and student resources.

Don't forget, in addition, we have also prepared a handy classroom presentation you can use in class and other further resources to help you to deliver the investigation. Links to these can be found in the 'Where next?' section below.

How to do the Feet investigation

This step-by-step film explains how to carry out the Feet investigation at your school.

Lesson plan

This is a quick-start two page lesson plan with an overview of activities, resources and timings. See the teacher resource for additional detail.

Teacher resource

This is the full teacher resource with detailed information on how to complete the investigation, including background information, starter activity and investigation instructions.

Download the Teacher resource

Feet investigation cross-curricular links

A downloadable resource to support the Feet Investigation within other areas of the curriculum.

Feet cross-curricular links

Student worksheet

Use this chart in conjunction with the teacher resource to help students measure their feet.

Student worksheet

Feet Investigation - Classroom presentation
Feet - investigations additional resources
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