Forces: Lesson resources

Let's teach!

These teaching resources are designed to help you deliver the Terrific Scientific Forces investigation in your classroom.

This investigation will help you to deliver key curriculum objectives in a fun and engaging way. There are more details in the lesson resource found below.

How to do the Forces investigation

This short film gives a step by step guide to conducting our Forces investigation. It is designed to be used alongside the activity sheet found with our teaching resources.

Lesson plan

This is a quick-start two page lesson plan with an overview of activities, resources and timings. See the full teacher resource below for additional detail.

Download the Forces lesson plan

Teacher resource

This is the full teacher resource with detailed information on how to complete the investigation, including background information, starter activity and investigation instructions.

Download the Forces teacher resource

Student resource

The printable student resource for Investigation 5 - Forces. This also features the card sorting activity mentioned in the cross curricular activities PDF (see Forces: Additional resources.)

Download the Forces student resources

Forces Investigation - Classroom presentation
Forces - investigations additional resources
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