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This investigation is a great introduction to the properties of water and the water cycle.

Children test the water that comes out of the tap in their classrooms to see if it is hard or soft, due to the amount of minerals in it. Then they test the ‘Mpemba Effect’, to see if warm water freezes faster than cold. This investigation Links to Materials and their Properties. We have prepared a collection of teaching resources to help you deliver the Terrific Scientific Water investigation in your classroom.

How to do the Water investigation

This two-minute film contains a step-by-step guide to completing the Water investigation.

Teacher resource

This is the full PDF teacher resource for the Water investigation.

Water investigation teacher resource

Student resource

A printable student worksheet for the Water investigation.

Download the worksheet

Student results sheet

A printable, editable student results sheet in Word format.

Download student results sheet

Teacher results sheet

An editable teacher results sheet in Word format.

Download Teacher results sheet

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