Exercise: Classroom presentation

In this investigation

We know exercising is good for keeping our body healthy, but can it change how we feel or how well we can concentrate in class? That's what we're going to be discovering in this investigation!

We’ll develop our investigative skills and gather evidence through doing things and taking note of what happens.

Introduction to the Exercise Investigation

We asked Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken to help us investigate if exercise really can affect our brains as well as our bodies. Watch this short film to find out what they learnt and how they did it!

Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken investigate Exercise

What will we be doing?

To see if exercise affects you:

You'll do online mood and concentration tests and quizzes before and after exercise so you can compare your results to see if you’ve changed! You’ll test three different types of exercise. To make sure it is a fair test, you'll test each type of exercise on a different day.

Each day you will:

  1. Log on to the website to do the online tests.

  2. Go outside and do one of three possible exercise activities

  3. Come back in to the classroom and repeat the online tests.


It's important to do all three of the activities once – don’t miss any out! Remember to do each exercise on a different day – don’t try to do more than one a day! And don't forget to go outside to do the exercises!

How to do the Exercise investigation

These step-by-step films explain how to carry out the Exercise investigation at your school.

1. Watch this introduction video first.

Introduction film

2. This film explains how to complete task 1.

How to do task 1

3. This film explains how to complete the bleep test.

How to do the bleep test

4. This film explains how to complete the control activity.

How to do the control activity

Once you’re finished

You can analyse your results to see if you can see any patterns and relationships between the data and the activities you’ve done. Did exercise have an effect on you?

Click here to download a student review sheet

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