Ten Pieces Trailblazers!

What is Ten Pieces Trailblazers?

Ten Pieces Trailblazers challenges students to rethink orchestral music - what it sounds like, who can make it, and how it's used - through ten trailblazing composers and their pieces of music.

This new set of pieces showcases works that have helped expand our musical horizons, pieces that have introduced new cultures and sound worlds into the orchestra, and composers whose lives and works have made them pioneers.

Trailblazers delves into the world of Film and Television for the first time and explores music with influences from across the globe

Orchestral music is a living, evolving art form. These pieces help to tell that ever-changing story.

Do you want to be a Trailblazer too? Create your own Trailblazing poem using 'You can't do that!' by Simon Mole as inspiration. Upload your creative responses to our uploader! Subtitles available.

Discover Trailblazers with:

Films & Media

Exciting new introduction and orchestral films and downloadable MP3s to support you in your teaching.

Subtitles available for Trailblazers intro films.

Lesson Plans

Six weeks of learning and activities, customisable to you, aided by PowerPoint presentations. (For Primary/ KS2/ 2nd Level & Secondary/ KS3/ 3rd & 4th Level)


Our instrumental arrangements simplify our compositions so they can be played by classes/ensembles with mixed abilities.

The Pieces and Resources:

Trailblazers: Grażyna Bacewicz – Overture
Trailblazers: Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5 in G minor
Trailblazers: Delia Derbyshire – Doctor Who Theme (original theme by Ron Grainer)
Trailblazers: George Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue (excerpt)
Trailblazers: Florence Price – Symphony No. 1 in E minor (3rd mvt)
Trailblazers: Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians (excerpt)
Trailblazers: Ravi Shankar – Symphony – finale (excerpt)
Trailblazers: Heitor Villa-Lobos – Bachianas brasileiras No. 2, The Little Train of the Caipira (finale)
Trailblazers: Antonio Vivaldi – ‘Winter’ from ‘The Four Seasons’, Allegro non molto (1st mvt)
Trailblazers: Hans Zimmer – Earth

Easy Ways to Get Started with Trailblazers

For quick and easy ways to bring Trailblazers in to your classroom explore our additional content below.

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