Ten Pieces at Home Showcase

Body percussion and storytelling with Lucy Drever inspired by Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians'

Take a look at some wonderful work made by children across the UK whilst they stay at home.

In week two's activity Lucy Drever and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra guided you in building your very own minimalist piece of music inspired by Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians. You then conjured up storylines using the music as inspiration and responded using art, sculpture and music.

Get your hands, feet and imaginations ready as we compose our own piece of minimalism! What does the piece remind you of? Can you conjure up a storyline using the music as inspiration?

Here are your creative responses...

"Weekly activity"
"The piece called Music for 18 Musicians inspired me to create this picture. The orange is the main tune as it is everywhere. The green is the glockenspiel, the dark blue is the two female singers. The red is the violin as it melts into the main tune. The yellow is the cello. The purple is the maracas. My picture is made up of repeating patterns because the music is also made up of repeating patterns."
"I watched the Ten Pieces video on Steve Reich and loved it. I had never heard of him before but was very interested in his ideas about minimalism. The body percussion and rhythm work helped me learn in a fun, interactive way. Listening to his music I thought of water, fishes, beaches, sunsets and coral but listening to it again I thought of autumn leaves and the forest. My painting is of the two things I thought of because I think that minimalism combines elements and builds them up so it doesn't have to be just one thing. The painting layers colours and images in the way minimalism layers elements of music. I really loved this lesson!"
Ten Pieces at Home Creative Response
Ten Pieces at Home Creative Response
"This was Sophie's response to Music for 18 Musicians. [It] reminded her of birds."
"Musical Patterns - Inspired by Steve Reich"
Flori aged 7. "[It] made me think of a magic carpet flying through the sky!"
The Magical World of Music inspired by Steve Reich
"Josh listened to a video by Steve Reich and drew what he could hear."
"A little girl running through the fields"
"Canoe on a River"
Weekly activity
Weekly activity
"I clapped my hands and stomped my foot."
Activity based on Steve Reich's music for 18 musicians
Activity based on Steve Reich's music for 18 musicians
Weekly challenge
Inspired by Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians"
Piece inspired by 'Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians'
"The music made me think of a kitten chasing a butterfly around Earth and Mars and travelling through space."
A drawing inspired by the music from this week's class
"The music brought me to a whole new world that was in the jungle"
"The piece I have used for inspiration is from Vic Firth"
This is my picture that I did in my music lesson for a challenge.
Oliver's machine inspired by Steve Reich's piece for 18 Musicians
William's drawing inspired after hearing Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians
It’s a picture of the rhythms of a band piece from the BBC Ten Pieces
It’s a picture of the rhythms of a band piece from the BBC Ten Pieces
This is my music art work called "Liquorice Flying". By Susie
"The music inspired me"- Ten Pieces At Home Creative Response
I was mesmerised by the soothing music, it just took all my bad thoughts away.
The music inspired me to move my hand from smooth to fast at times and a little crazy with my design because the tempo increased.
A drawing by Natalie, aged 10, of how the music makes her feel.
This is Harry's Music Tron. It's a music machine robot. Its inspired by Steve Reich- 'Music for 18 musicians'. This is what Harry imagined when listening to the music.
I’m drawing a picture of what I think music is and my name is Izzy
"Week 2 challenge"
"This art was inspired by the music of Steve Reich."
This art was inspired by the music of Steve Reich. The children were very interested in minimalism and some even created their own minimalist pieces using everyday items they had in their homes, such as pots and pans!
"Week two: Tell a story with your very own body percussion music..."
"This is our shared picture - all drawn by Grace (6) but we each felt the music represented something different. Grace a busy street, Mum a gathering of lots of chattering people and Finn (4) a party!"