Ten Pieces at Home Showcase

Writing a story with Ivan Brett and the BBC Symphony Orchestra...

Take a look at some wonderful work made by children across the UK whilst they stay at home.

In week nine's activity author and teacher Ivan Brett helped you in writing your own stories about mysterious, mythical creatures with inspiration from Mason Bates' A Bao A Qu, performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Join Ivan Brett as you imagine your very own mythical creature and story alongside the BBC Symphony Orchestra. What does your character look like? How do they move? What problems do they face?

Here are your creative responses...

"Mythical Creature"
"Creative response to Mason Bates' A Bao A Qu!"
Ten Pieces at Home Creative Response
Mythical Creature story and drawing
"I have used Mason Bates’ A Bao A Qu as inspiration to create a character called The Snoggy. He is a creature that lives under the sea in a cave, he has the body of a snake and his head is dog like. He slithers and thrashes around whilst trying to find his tail" by Matilda Reed
"My creature's name is Invistrure. He has ruff scaly skin"
"A half cat and a half car."
"A half cat and a half car."
"This is a poem by Alex Dixon, inspired by the week 9 mythical creature activity with Ivan Brett. Alex really enjoyed this and found the music very evocative."
"My name is Nuri and I’m year 4. I drew three pictures of monsters. I was inspired by the music called “A bao A qu” by Mason Bates."