Ten Pieces at Home Showcase

Singing Sibelius' 'Finlandia' with the BBC Singers

Take a look at some wonderful work made by children across the UK whilst they stay at home.

In week four's activity the BBC Singers guided you in how to sing the hymn-like section from Sibelius' Finlandia. From there, you could sing with the BBC Singers in their online choir or even create your own words to the music!

Learn and perform the hymn-like theme that appears towards the end of the piece with the BBC Singers!

Here are your creative responses...

Creative response to the BBC Singer's Finlandia activity
Singing Finlandia with the BBC Singers
Tom used the Swedish singing as inspiration while we are learning at home
Singing Finlandia with the BBC Singers
Creative response to the BBC Singers Finandia activity
Éowyn Bannan's (age 9) poem to fit the hymn from Finlandia.
Creative response to the BBC Singer's Finlandia activity
"My inspiration was a piece called Finlandia by Sibelius".
Creative responses to Sibelius' 'Finlandia' with the BBC Singers.
"Nico was inspired to paint a sea-scene to accompany the lyrics he wrote for the piece Finlandia after watching the BBC Singers teach the tune."
"I have used Finlandia - I have written my own words."
Harry has written lyrics to go with Sibelius' Finlandia. He loved singing along with the choir and was inspired to write these words.
Ten Pieces at Home Creative Response
This challenge was set for my music lesson. The piece of music is called Finlandia and I wrote lyrics to the humming part of the activity.
"I enjoyed the la la la song"
Adithi Madur - We came up with own lyrics