Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor - instrumental arrangements

Find simplified orchestral and choral parts for Ten Pieces below.

  • Instrumental parts are listed by ability level for each piece but have been designed to work together to enable mixed-ability groups to perform as one
  • The pieces have been arranged for the following ability levels: Beginner/pre-Grade 1, intermediate/Grades 1-3 (ABRSM) and Grades 4-5 (ABRSM)
  • You can use the arrangements to develop creative responses and put on performances.

View or download instrumental parts and scores as PDFs.

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Combined score

Background notes on Bach arrangement

These parts have been arranged from Bach’s original work for organ, and not from the Stokowski orchestration. The piece has been cut to around half the length of the original (c. 5 minutes).

If you wish to perform this arrangement alongside the orchestration by Paul Klenovsky, the following bars will need to be CUT from the Klenovsky:

  • Bar 24 to the end of the 3rd beat of bar 26;
  • End of the 1st beat of 27 (using only the chord) to the 3rd beat of 35 (with semiquaver upbeat);
  • 2nd beat of 47 to the end of bar 78;
  • 3rd beat of 19 to the end of bar 90;
  • Bars 99 – 120 inclusive;
  • 3rd beat of bar 140 to everything in bar 143 except the final quaver.

Original instrumentation

In case you're considering using parts from Paul Klenovsky’s orchestration together with these arrangements, you may find the composer's instrumentation helpful: - – Timp, 2hp, cel – strings

KS2: Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor
KS3: Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor
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