England: South West Champions

Ten Pieces Champions are Music Education Hubs, Music Services, orchestras, film, dance and other arts organisations from across the UK working in collaboration with the BBC to introduce classical music to the next generation.

They have signed up to champion the project and work together on delivering music and arts education to every young person throughout the nations and regions.

There are more than 260 Champions supporting the project locally.

How you can get involved

Here you will find contacts for your local Champions who can help you get inspired.

If you're an educator working with students aged between 7-14 and want to get started working with the Ten Pieces then look no further.

If you're an educator looking for musical CPD training, get in touch and we'll recommend a contact in your area.

Specialist and non-specialist teachers alike can get involved as there are a wide variety of Champions all over the UK ready and waiting to support the work that you do in and out of the classroom.

We're delighted to have so many organisations coming up with great ideas to motivate young people to use Ten Pieces with your students aged 7-14.

If you would like to become a Ten Pieces Champion, please email TenPieces@bbc.co.uk for an application form.

What do Champions do?

Champions work in schools and local communities to build on the children’s interest and excitement stimulated by the introductory Ten Pieces film.

Many music and arts organisations have been introducing Ten Pieces into their educational activities and supporting schools to get creative with classical music.

Here’s how the Champions support the project:

• Facilitate special free screenings of the spectacular Ten Pieces film in art venues (free DVD and screening form available on request)

• Train teachers how to develop creative and composition work

• Create music-making workshops for schools inspired by one or all of the Ten Pieces

• Use the repertoire as a stimulus for whole class instrument tuition and singing sessions

• Make Ten Pieces the focus of ensemble work (vocal and orchestral)

• Work with school orchestras to perform Ten Pieces concerts and introducing children to orchestral instruments

• Link Local art, film and dance organisations with schools to create a Ten Pieces themed project or event

• Organise amateur and professional orchestra concerts featuring Ten Pieces to provide a live experience for children

You can also find out more about some of the events and activities Champions are hosting by reading the Champions Blog.

England: South West

Bath & North East Somerset Music Hub

  • Contact: Rainer Dolz (Manager of Music/Hub Lead)
  • Email: rainer_dolz@bathnes.gov.uk

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

  • Contact: Lisa Tregale (Head of Participation)
  • Email: ltregale@bsorchestra.co.uk

Bristol Music Hub - 'Bristol Plays Music'

  • Contact: Chris Green (Education Programme Co-ordinator – Schools)
  • Email: chris.green@bristolplaysmusic.org

Bristol Sings

  • Contact: Ben England (Vocal and Instrumental Strategy Manager)
  • Email: ben.england@bristolplaysmusic.org

Cheltenham Festivals

  • Contact: Philippa Claridge (Education Manager)
  • Email: philippa.claridge@cheltenhamfestivals.com

Community Lynx, Okehampton

  • Contact: Heather Parks (Business Support)
  • Email: hparks@okehamptoncollege.devon.sch.uk

Cornwall Music Education Hub

  • Contact: Tanya Moore (Hub Manager and Development Manager)
  • Email: tmoore@cornwall.gov.uk

Cornwall Youth Orchestra

  • Contact: Tim Boulton (Director)
  • Email: tboulton@phonecoop.coop

d.@rt Centre arts centre, Southampton

  • Contact: Alison Neasom (Senior Lead Practitioner for Community and Arts Specialisms) - - Email: a.neasom@wildern.hants.sch.uk

Devon Music Education Hub

  • Contact: Ken Parr (Head of Devon LDP Music Service and DMEH Lead)
  • Email: ken.parr@babcockinternational.com

Devon Youth Symphony and Concert Orchestras

  • Contact: Paul Painter (Musical Director and Conductor)
  • Email: dysco2015@gmail.com

Dorset Music Service

  • Contact: Nichola Gunn (Service Manager)
  • Email: dorsetmusicservice@dorsetcc.gov.uk

Drake Music (South West)

  • Contact: Tom McGrath (Programme Manager)
  • Email: tommcgrath@drakemusic.org

Gloucestershire Music Service

  • Contact: Steve Legge (Head of Gloucestershire Music Service)
  • Email: steve.legge@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Hampshire Music Service

  • Contact: Sian Buckley (Leading Professional)
  • Email: music.service@hants.gov.uk

North Somerset Music Service

  • Contact: Mark Trego (Music Service Manager)
  • Email: mark.trego@n-somerset.gov.uk

Plymouth Youth Music Service

  • Contact: Jessica Rowe (Primary Music Consultant)
  • Email: jessrowe@montpelier.plymouth.sch.uk

Portsmouth Music Hub

  • Contact: Kate Barrett (Music Teacher)
  • Email: Kate.Barrett@portsmouthcc.gov.uk

Showcase Performance Company Southampton

  • Contact: Alex Pope (Founder)
  • Email: alex@showcaseperformancegroup.com

SoundStorm Lead partner of the Bournemouth and Poole Music Education Hub

  • Contact: Michael Armstrong (SoundStorm Manager)
  • Email: michael.armstrong@Bournemouth.gov.uk

Southampton Music Hub

  • Contact: Zoe Hunting (Learning Leader)
  • Email: zoe.hunting@southamptonmusichub.org.uk

South Gloucestershire Music Education Hub

  • Contact: Richard Jones (Music and Arts Strategy Manager)
  • Email: richard.jones2@southglos.gov.uk

Swindon Music Education Partnership 'Make Music Swindon'

  • Contact: Dougall Prophet (Assistant Delivery Manager)
  • Email: DProphet@swindon.gov.uk

Thornbury Area Music Trust

  • Contact: Vicky Jones (Marketing officer)
  • Email: marketing@thornbury-music.org

Torbay Music Services

  • Contact: Annabelle Knowles (Music Development Coordinator/Music Hub Lead)
  • Email: annabelle.knowles@torbay.gov.uk

Wells Cathedral School

  • Contact: Bill Lloyd (Creative Programmer and Director of Cedars Hall)
  • Email: b.lloyd@wells-cathedral-school.com

Wiltshire Music Service)

  • Contact: Nick Howdle (Head of Service)
  • Email: nick.howdle@wiltshire.gov.uk