Celebrate a colleague on Thank a Teacher Day

She's someone who always puts the children first, she is just an amazing colleague.

National Thank a Teacher Day is coming up on Wednesday, 23 June, celebrating people who work in schools across the country who have kept students going through the past year.

We got in touch with some familiar faces on BBC Teach, who wanted to say their own thank yous to colleagues who have made a real difference this year.

And it’s not just teachers who are being celebrated – it’s everyone working in schools, from school leaders, teachers, and teaching assistants to support staff such as lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and cleaners.

Chloe Vethamony is a KS2 and 3 teaching, learning and assessment lead, and a teacher on Bitesize Daily and Live Lessons. She wanted to thank her colleague, teaching assistant Mrs Allen.


And if there's no single colleague you want to thank, you can also thank your whole school or a department.

Ryan Smith, a KS2 teacher who has also featured on Bitesize Daily and Live Lessons, nominated his whole school, in what has been a difficult year for everyone.


Have you worked with a colleague who has been amazing this year? Perhaps they went above and beyond to help you at work, or supported you emotionally through this difficult year? Or maybe they’ve just consistently been great to work with?

Assistant headteacher Josiah Isles nominated Mr Starbuck, a new music teacher in his school who he says has worked hard and become popular with both students and staff.


You can nominate some of your incredible colleagues on the Thank a Teacher Day website - more information can be found on the BBC Bitesize website.