MFL teaching aids: Promoting intrinsic motivation in students (KS3)

In this short film, languages teacher Chris Allen gives his tips for how best to promote intrinsic motivation in KS3 language students.

He talks about giving students a sense of progression that helps them recognise their successes, building a rapport with his class and instilling students’ confidence in their own abilities.

He explains that feeling able to make mistakes is another important factor, as well as prioritising high frequency language to begin with, as being able to make active use of the words they have learnt early on gives the language a purpose for them.

We learn about:

  • How to make lessons seem relevant to a young audience’s interests, through pop culture, their hobbies and future careers

  • Giving a clear purpose to a task

  • The importance of building up a good rapport with students and creating a safe environment

  • Building competitive elements into lessons in a sensitive way

This film is part of a series of films designed to promote evidence-based best practice methods for languages teaching at KS3.

The other films in the series include “Making phonics an indispensable tool in language learning (KS3)”, “Asking effective questions - grammar building blocks (KS3)”.

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