Dyslexia: Make a difference - Reading

Children with dyslexia explain what reading is like for them, and the film gives tips and hints on how best to support them.

They talk about reading aloud, problems with scanning and tracking, and being reluctant readers. The film offers practical suggestions on how best to support them.

Lots of people with dyslexia have problems not only with reading, but also with tracking. They find it hard to follow the words across the page and down line by line.

Emily, a pupil who has dyslexia says: "I've always found reading really difficult: the words jumble together to make new words."

Alfie, who also has dyslexia, says he struggles to read some letters: "The letters kind of jump about and I can't really see what's happening."

For some children, reading rulers really help. But for others, it's a coloured overlay that makes the difference.

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