Careers Support: Delivering careers education, guidance and experience of work to students with additional needs

Slated Row is a special school for students with moderate to complex needs.

Careers Leader Dorrie Mutch tells us that their aim at Slated Row is to develop their students and encourage them to be independent and to follow their dreams.

This short film shows how students gain a qualification in the world of work as part of their careers education.

We also learn how the school runs its own café and bed and breakfast which provides opportunities for students to do work experience and also gain further qualifications in hospitality and land management.

Students at Slated Row also take part in a ‘speed dating’ style carousel with employers who visit the school to provide opportunities to talk with people from the world of work and improve their communication skills.

Dorrie tells us about the school's innovative approach to work experience, which they have developed in partnership with an international company based locally.

Dorrie says: “Our students needed work experience that allowed them to embed skills over a longer period of time… We developed a scheme where our students go to Bosch-Siemans with our own job coach to work in different areas of their business. The students have placements in year 14, their bridging year.”

Dorrie goes onto explain about the role of a job coach: “The Job coach learns the roles in the business before the student starts the placements. They can then break the tasks down for our students as they learn better in smaller chunks. The job coach can then reduce their support as the student’s confidence grows and their skills develop”.

The job coach led work experience programme is successfully helping young people from Slated Row learn resilience, independence, gain confidence and develop employability skills.

This is one of a series of five, which looks at how a diverse range of schools and careers practitioners from across the UK approach careers support and examines what’s working well for them.

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