Back to school with Janet Street-Porter

Being a teacher can be exhausting, mentally and physically.

Spending so much time focusing on pupils can mean you forget about yourself and your own wellbeing.

Sometimes a reminder of how good you are and the amazing impact you have on your pupils can make all the difference.

In this film, award winning journalist and Loose Women presenter Janet Street-Porter goes back to school to help a hard-working teacher in need of a boost.

Year 6 teacher, Annmarie Reilly, suffered a knock to her confidence after disappointing 2016 SATS results at her school.

Things have turned around since then, but she still feels the impact: “When the results came out we didn't get the marks that we wanted so I think we were in the bottom 10 percent of the country for SATs results, but for me because we did so appallingly I took it quite personally and I still do.”

Janet Street-Porter, who was once filmed training and working as primary teacher for a TV experiment, wrote at the time it gave her “an inkling of how one of Britain's most under-valued and poorly paid group of professionals must feel.”

In this film she draws on her own experience to help Annmarie shake off her fears of failure and realise how highly her work is valued.

This is the first in a new series of short films with celebrity mentors going back to school to give teachers a helping hand.

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