Careers Collection - Classroom Resources

Explore our collection of classroom resources focused on careers guidance, created to help support young people leaving full-time education.

These resources for primary and secondary schools could be used to mark National Careers Week, which takes place 4th - 9th March, 2019.

Highlights from this collection include:

  • Careers mentor Aimee Bateman offering advice on how to create a CV and cover letter
  • An interview with architect Arthur Timothy at Hay's Galleria in London - a building he designed
  • National Storytelling Laureate Katrice Horsley talking about how she developed a career as a storyteller
  • Leeds based animators Andrew Foster and Martin O’Dea telling us how they built their careers
BBC Bitesize Careers has some great advice from leading careers experts and over 200 job case studies from people who've found the right path for them. See the link at the bottom of this page for more information.
CEC Careers Leader survey results
Apprentice for a Day
Spark - Fire up your future
What's my job?
Making Media
Labrinth's Speak Out
What is Art?

Live Lessons

Terrific Scientific


BBC Radio 1's Academy - Live Lesson
Six terrific careers in science
BBC Bitesize Careers Resources