Bitesize Daily Lessons schedule

You and your students can now access regular daily lessons from BBC Bitesize in English, maths and other core subjects, on the BBC Bitesize website and also in special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.

We'll share our weekly schedules here on BBC Teach, on BBC Bitesize, on social media and via our newsletter, at least a week in advance. We know how important it is to plan ahead, so we are now also posting upcoming lessons as far in advance as possible. Teachers in Wales can find upcoming lessons alongside this week's lessons, on the relevant year group page.

You can use the Bitesize Daily Lessons page to find all our online lessons so far, by year group.

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Find Bitesize Daily Lessons for your students

The online Bitesize Daily Lessons in Maths, English and other core subjects cover every year group up to Year 10. Created in collaboration with teachers and other education experts, they're designed to be easy to navigate, concise and to combine the best of Bitesize, BBC Teach and other education providers. The lessons include videos, educational games, articles and practice tests.

Our Parents' Toolkit offers help for parents or guardians on home-schooling, supporting children's wellbeing, and SEND.

Bitesize Daily on BBC iPlayer

Bitesize Daily programmes will also be available on on BBC iPlayer, on any device, and on TV via the Red Button. These are 20 minute TV shows, each designed to target a specific age group.

All Bitesize Daily Lessons have been designed in consultation with teachers and education experts. The TV shows will be presented by teachers, experts and by well-known BBC faces, including Karim Zeroual and Katie Thistleton.

Find out more about the daily show on BBC iPlayer and Red Button

Learning resources across the BBC

Older students can find programmes that support GCSE and A-level curricula each weekday evening on BBC Four. These will include broadcast versions of various Shakespeare plays, reruns of classic drama adaptations, and some of our award-winning science and nature documentaries.

Across the BBC, there's a wealth of other content for teachers and parents to use, including the Bitesize Primary and Secondary Planners: brand new 10-minute podcasts landing every weekday morning on BBC Sounds. The podcast will provide busy parents with curriculum-relevant tips on how to survive the school day, offering something for every year group.

On social media, Teachers can find information and resources via BBC Teach Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Parents and students will be able to access further advice via BBC Bitesize Facebook and Twitter, which will be updated regularly with helpful guides.

Resources for students in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Learners in Scotland can see content specific to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence every day from 10.00am on the BBC Scotland television channel. Each day, the channel will show a selection of Bitesize videos and Authors Live events for primary and secondary learners, covering literacy, maths, sciences, social subjects and expressive arts. You can find out more about content for learners in Scotland from Learn at BBC Scotland and on the @BBCScotLearn Twitter feed.

Learners in Wales will be able to access Welsh-medium content through Bitesize Dyddiol and English-medium through Bitesize Daily. Additional lessons with a Welsh angle will be available in English and Welsh on our online daily service and there will also be English and Welsh content available on iPlayer from 20 April. In Northern Ireland, The Afternoon Club gets primary-aged pupils involved in skills-based learning at 2pm every weekday. For more information, visit the BBC Northern Ireland homepage.


In launching Bitesize Daily, we are delighted to have worked with several educational organisations including the RSC, the Premier League, Twinkl, TES, Pearson, SAM Learning, Sparx, Oxford University Press and children's publishers including Puffin Books, Nosy Crow and Macmillan.

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