Measuring: Weight

Weight is a measure of how heavy something is. One gram is the weight of one cubic centimetre of water. A litre of water weighs a kilo.

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Weight includes:

  • Discussion of appropriate units of weight and measuring equipment
  • How to read scales and the importance of setting to zero
  • Standard and non-standard units of weight
  • Estimating weights of everyday items
  • Converting between units of weight
  • Activities to practise understanding weight

Downloadable Factsheets

Non-standard units for measuring weight
Setting your scales to zero
Choosing grams or kilograms
Standard metric units of measure
Weight: Summary sheet
Equipment for measuring weight
Converting between metric units of weight
Weight key words
Reading scales to measure weight

Downloadable Worksheets

Estimating weight
Match the weight
Estimating weights of packages
Choosing units and instruments to measure weight

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