Measuring: Time and date

Time and date help us keep track of the days, months and years. They are used to remind us of important events.

Quick tips for tutors

Time and date includes:

  • Knowing facts about time and dates
  • Spelling time and date words
  • Reading, measuring and recording time and dates in different formats and using different instruments
  • Ordering and comparing dates and times
  • Using timetables
  • Converting between hours and minutes and calculating time

Downloadable Factsheets

How to write months
Time: Summary
Spelling the days of the week, months and seasons
Ordering and comparing dates
Putting times in order (using 12 hour format)
Using a calendar
Using an analogue clock: Quarters and halves
Reading and recording dates
Using a digital clock
12 and 24 hour times
Calculating time: Introduction
Converting from hours to minutes
Planning journeys: Important words and phrases
Measuring time
Planning more complex journeys
Working with hours and minutes
What is a timetable?
Reading 24 hour times
Converting from minutes to hours

Downloadable Worksheets

Months of the year
TV Programmes
Using a calendar
Measuring time activities
Important words for times and dates
Reading and writing dates
Reading a timetable
Planning simple journeys
Working out journey times
Reading times and dates
Add and subtract times
Converting between the 12 hour and 24 hour clock
Bus timetables
Converting between hours and minutes

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