Numbers: Rounding and estimating

Rounding a number makes it easier to work with. This can be especially useful when dealing with decimals.

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Rounding and estimating includes:

  • Information about rounding and estimating - what, why, when and how
  • Strategies for rounding up and down
  • Key vocabulary used when describing the process of rounding and estimating
  • Practical examples of rounding and estimating in every day contexts
  • Activities to practise rounding and estimating

Downloadable Factsheets

Estimating numbers using rounding
Understanding why numbers are rounded
Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100: practical examples
Rounding and estimating numbers: revision
Rounding numbers to the nearest 10
Rounding numbers to the nearest 100
What is rounding?
Knowing when to round numbers
Estimating then checking: subtraction
Estimating by rounding
Estimating and rounding: key words
Rules for rounding

Downloadable Worksheets

Estimating answers to calculations: multiple choice
Estimating answers to calculations
Rounding measurements
Rounding to the nearest 10
Rounding to the nearest 100
Rounding money
Rounding to the nearest hundred
Rounding to the nearest ten
Rounding to the nearest thousand

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