Reading: Reading and understanding

Reading text means more than just saying all the words out loud. It is important that you are also able to understand what is being said. A good way to check if you've understood some text, is to write a brief summary after you've finished reading it.

Quick tips for tutors

Reading and understanding includes:

  • Recognising a variety of text formats (e.g. newspaper articles, charts, summaries, adverts, reviews)
  • Using skills covered in other topics to aid reading: skimming, scanning detailed reading
  • Using skills covered in other topics to aid understanding: fact and opinion, images and charts, summarising, use of dictionary
  • Creating different texts: an advert, a poster, a book review

Downloadable Factsheets

Understanding what you read
What is summarising?
Summarising a written text
Glossary of terms
Inference and meaning

Downloadable Worksheets

Reading out poetry
Strategies for reading
Understanding texts and charts
Mood language
Reading between the lines
Choosing the right words
Creating a poster
Understanding summaries
Writing a book review
Writing your own advert: holiday articles
Writing your own advert
Writing about an event

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