Calculation: Problem solving

Problem solving strategies help you know what to do when you're stuck.

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Problem solving includes:

  • Guidance on problem-solving strategy
  • Solving problems with one, two or three stages of calculations
  • Solving problems that involve using different operations
  • Solving problems in a range of contexts
  • Estimating answers to calculations

Downloadable Factsheets

Problem solving words
Words in sums
Problem solving method
Problem solving stages
Solving single stage problems 1
Solving single stage problems 2

Downloadable Worksheets

Solving problems key words
Putting solutions in order
Checking solution to problems
Choosing the right option: Add, subtract, multiply or divide
Solving problems 2
Calculating cost 1
Calculating cost 2
Problem solving with addition and subtraction: money 1
Problem solving with addition and subtraction: money 2
Multiplication problems
Problem solving: distances
Division problems
Problem solving with addition and subtraction
Problem solving with division
Problem solving with multiplication
Problem solving: Swimming events
Problem solving with addition and subtraction: Time
Problem solving with division: Money
Solving problems 2

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