Spelling: Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes like 'un' or 'pre' in front of a word, or suffixes at the end like 'ing', change the word's meaning.

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Prefixes and suffixes includes:

  • Recognising prefixes and suffixes
  • Recognising the root word
  • How adding a prefix changes the meaning of a word
  • How adding a suffix changes a word into an adjective, noun or adverb, or affects the tense of a verb
  • Spelling rules for adding prefixes and suffixes

Downloadable Factsheets

What is a prefix?
What is a suffix?
Prefixes and suffixes
Suffix spelling rules: double letters

Downloadable Worksheets

Using prefixes
Using suffixes
Taking away the suffix to find the root word
Taking away the prefix to find the root word
Choosing suffixes for root words

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