Writing: Planning your writing

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Why learn about planning your writing?

Simple planning skills can greatly improve your writing.

Quick tips for tutors

Planning your writing includes:

  • Taking account of purpose and audience
  • The benefits of planning
  • Planning strategies linked to writing purposes
  • Using planning techniques to help structure writing

Downloadable Factsheets

Planning your writing
Planning using a list
Planning using sticky notes
Planning using a mind map
How to plan your writing
Using a flow chart
Using a mind diagram
Using a vertical chart
Using a writing frame
Using bulleted lists
Identifying the purpose of your writing
Identifying your audience
Planning a CV using a spider diagram
Getting down to writing


Downloadable Worksheets

Using a spidergram
Planning writing with sticky notes
Planning using a mind map
Planning with a list
Writing your ideas on sticky notes
Creating a mind map
Planning with a flow chart
Planning with a vertical chart


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