Percent and fractions: Percentages

Percentage is way of representing an amount of something, so 50% equals a half. Percentages can have values of between 0% and 100%.

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Percentages includes:

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Downloadable Factsheets

Percentages of a pound
Percentage problems
Percentages that add up to 100
Finding percentage parts: fractions and percentages
Using percentages to compare sizes
Fractions and percentages
The fraction method
Shortcuts for finding percentages
Percentage increase
Percentage decrease
Decimals and percentages
The decimal method
Shortcuts using decimals
Using a calculator to find percentages 1
Using a calculator to find percentages 2

Downloadable Worksheets

Shading percentages
Matching up fractions and percentages
Finding percentages of amounts
Calculator questions 1
Sale time: filling in the blanks
Percentage squares
Finding ten percent
Finding percentage parts
Percentage increases on a menu
Finding percentages: everyday examples
Finding percentage parts: amounts of money
Comparing percentages
Calculator questions 2

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