Calculation: Pen and paper methods

It's useful to be able to work things out with pen and paper when you don't have a calculator.

Quick tips for tutors

Written methods includes:

  • Addition by the standard written method
  • Subtraction by counting up and the standard written method
  • Multiplication by the lattice and standard written methods
  • Division by repeated subtraction, short, long and space-saver methods
  • Cross number puzzles and practice exercises

Downloadable Factsheets

Division: Standard method
Addition by splitting
Division glossary
Long division
Division using repeated subtraction
Multiplication glossary
Short division
Some reminders for written division
Spacesaver division
Some reminders about addition and subtraction
Time-savers ÷ 10 and ÷ 100
Time-savers × 10 and × 100
Subtraction using counting up
Some reminders for written multiplication

Downloadable Worksheets

Addition puzzle 1
Addition puzzle 2
Subtraction puzzle 1
Subtraction puzzle 2
Multiplication puzzle
Written division puzzle 1
Written division puzzle 2
Lattice method multiplication
Long multiplication
Short multiplication
Space-saver calculations: Dividing by one-digit numbers
Long division calculations
Written addition methods
Space-saver calculations: dividing by two-digit numbers
Division: Standard method
Multiplication: Lattice method
Multiplication: Traditional method

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