Numbers: Number symbols

Numbers can either be used for calculations or to represent things like phone numbers.

Quick tips for tutors

Number symbols include:

  • Writing numbers in words and figures (digits)
  • Using place value to read numbers written in figures
  • Using place value to place numbers (in figures) in order

Downloadable Factsheets

What are numbers used for?
How to recognise odd and even numbers
Common number terms glossary
What are digits?
Big numbers glossary
Writing numbers up to a million
Ordering large numbers
Writing big numbers
Writing figures with words

Downloadable Worksheets

Words that help with problem solving
Writing door numbers
Examples of everyday and mathematical words
Everyday and mathematical words
Buying a car
DVD rentals
Understanding the value of digits: place value
Understanding the value of digits: using HTU
Using place value to change numbers
Writing numbers in words

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