Measuring: Length and distance

A centimetre is made up of ten millimetres and a metre is made up of one hundred centimetres. Length and distance are used everyday for such things like building and athletic sports.

Quick tips for tutors

Length and distance includes

  • Strategies and choice of units for measuring small and longer lengths
  • Key words used to describe dimensions
  • Practical examples of using scales to measure distances
  • Activities to practise length and distance measuring

Downloadable Factsheets

Using different measuring equipment
Measuring lengths in non-standard units
Reading measurements
Measuring lengths: Revision notes
Choosing millimetres, centimetres or metres
Measuring lengths in standard metric units
Converting between metric units on length
Measuring lengths
Using scales 1
Using scales 2
Reading scales when measuring lengths
Using distance tables
Measuring lengths key words

Downloadable Worksheets

Measuring length
Estimating and measuring lengths
Estimating heights and lengths
Working out lengths
Reading and writing lengths
Making tangram shapes
Working out postal charges
Choosing units and instruments to measure length
Reading distance tables
Practice using scales 1
Practice using scales 2

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