Graphs: Graphs and charts

Graphs and charts can help you visualise and understand figures more clearly.

Quick tips for tutors

Graphs and charts includes:

  • Explanation and illustration of the different ways in which data is presented in charts and diagrams
  • Worked examples of creating and interpreting a range of graphs and charts, tables and other diagrams
  • Everyday examples of charts and diagrams from which we extract information
  • Activities to practise working with graphs and charts

Downloadable Factsheets

Bar charts
Comparing data using bar charts
Reading bar charts
Reading scales
Using clear labels on your chart or diagram
Understanding pictograms
Charts and diagrams: Everyday examples
Charts and diagrams: Holiday information
Extracting and interpreting data from line graphs
Interpreting information from line graphs
Interpreting information from bar charts
Reading pictograms
Pie charts

Downloadable Worksheets

Creating a chart
Creating a bar chart
Extracting information from pictograms
Extracting information from bar charts: Football results
Interpreting a bar chart
Extracting information from bar charts: Pizza sales
Interpreting a pictogram
Spotting errors in tables and charts
Reading a table: Cup final results
Interpreting information from pictograms
Interpreting line graphs
Reading a bar chart: Student punctuality
Reading line graphs
Reading and amending a pictogram
Reading pie charts
Interpreting a results table
Using a distance table
Reading a bar chart: Eye colours

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