Percent and fractions: Fractions

Fractions represent different amounts of a whole. For example, ½ ⅓ ¼.

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Fractions includes:

  • Information about commonly used fractions
  • Strategies for recognising, reading, writing and calculating fractions
  • Key vocabulary used to describe fractions and parts of a whole
  • A fraction wall to aid comparison of fractions
  • Fractions practice activities

Downloadable Factsheets

What does half mean?
Different types of fraction
Estimating fractions
Recognising fractions from shapes
What is a fraction?
What do the numbers in fractions mean?
Equivalent fractions
Different ways to get the same fraction
Using a fraction wall
Recognising fractions in words
Fractions of a whole
Fractions that can't be simplified
Simplifying fractions
Comparing fractions
Fractions that equal one
Simplifying improper fractions
Key words for fractions
Two-step fraction problems
More improper fractions
Unit fractions and sharing
What are mixed numbers?
More fractions in words

Downloadable Worksheets

Matching fractions
Finding fractions of time
Reading and writing fractions
Working out fraction problems
Working out fractions
Answer fractions questions using 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12
Are these fractions equivalent to half?
Change recipes using fractions
Looking at fraction parts
Spotting fractions that can't be simplified
Converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers
Draw diagrams and investigate
Spotting improper fractions
Recognising equivalent fractions
Matching up diagrams and fractions
Simplifying fractions to whole numbers
Simplifying fractions

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