Writing: Format and style

It is important that you choose the right format and style of your writing for the audience you are writing for.

Quick tips for tutors

Format and style includes:

  • Writing in different genres - descriptive, persuasive, informative and instructive texts
  • How language is used in different types of text
  • Presenting information in the form of charts, images, numbered points, tables and pre-set formats

Downloadable Factsheets

Formal writing
Writing informative text
Writing instructive text
Using images
Using tables and pre-set formats
Using bullet points and numbers in lists
Using paragraphs and charts
Using flow charts

Downloadable Worksheets

Writing a descriptive text
Writing a persuasive text
Writing an informative text
Writing an instructive text
Creating a staff rota
Choosing text that suits the purpose
Presenting information in the form of a table

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