Writing: Editing and proofreading

Being able to proofread is useful in helping you to spot and correct any mistakes in your writing. You can then edit the writing after you've finished proofreading.

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Editing and proofreading includes:

  • The different stages of writing
  • The place of editing in the writing process
  • The process of editing
  • Strategies for proofreading

Downloadable Factsheets

Making changes to writing
Different stages of writing

Downloadable Worksheets

Checking your writing
Editing and proofreading a formal letter
Proofreading a menu
Checking your proofreading and editing
More proofreading and editing checks
More proofreading and editing spelling
Proofreading a job application letter
Proofreading and editing spelling
Editing and proofreading a letter of complaint

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