Numbers: Decimals

Decimals are used to show numbers that are between two whole numbers. For example, 2.5 and 3.87.

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Decimals includes:

  • The use of decimal place value and digits
  • Decimals in different contexts
  • How zero is used as a place holder and it’s importance
  • Writing decimals in word and digit form
  • Comparing the size of decimals
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with decimals
  • Approximations and rounding with decimals
Decimal numbers and the decimal point

Downloadable Factsheets

Decimals in life
All kinds of decimals
Revising decimals
Decimals and calculators
Decimals and measurements
Decimals and money
The decimal point and reading decimals
What are decimals?
Using zero with decimals
Approximation and rounding
How to compare and order decimals
Dividing decimal numbers
Multiplying decimal numbers
Understanding place values and place holders
Introducing decimal numbers

Downloadable Worksheets

Comparing the cost of goods
Comparing the cost of goods: taking it further
Matching money
Metres and centimetres 1
Metres and centimetres 2
Place value 1
Place value 2
Using a calculator
Zero as a place holder
Adding and subtracting decimals
Comparing and ordering decimals
Dividing decimals
Multiplying decimals
Place values and place holders
Reading and writing decimal numbers
Rounding decimals

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