Measuring: Capacity

Capacity is a measure of how much something can hold, before it becomes full. A millilitre is the volume of one cubic centimetre. A thousand millilitres is a litre.

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Capacity includes:

  • The meaning of capacity and volume
  • Discussion of appropriate units of capacity
  • How to read scales and some common errors in reading scales
  • Methods to work out the volume of a range of shapes
  • Standard and non-standard units of capacity
  • Activities to practise understanding of capacity and volume

Downloadable Factsheets

Instruments for measuring capacity
Non-standard measures of capacity
Reading scales when measuring capacity
What is capacity?
Cubes and cuboids
Introduction to volume
Practical examples of working out volume
Capacity and volume

Downloadable Worksheets

Choosing the right container
Choosing units and instruments to measure capacity
Working out volumes of everyday objects
Finding volume by counting
Reading scales to measure volume
Matching exercise
Spot the mistake
Choosing litres or millilitres

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