Graphs: Averages and range

To find an average of a set of numbers, add them all up and divide by the total amount of numbers. The range is the difference between the largest and the smallest numbers in the set. They are useful in sports.

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Averages and range includes:

  • Explanation of range and the different types of average
  • Worked examples of the process for calculating the arithmetic mean, median and mode
  • Activities to practise extracting information from tables, charts and diagrams to calculate range and average.

Downloadable Factsheets

Price range
What is average?
Understanding decimal answers
Averages glossary
Understanding distorted averages
Comparing mean, median and mode
Calculating the median
Calculating the mode
Calculating the range
Understanding averages
Calculating the mean

Downloadable Worksheets

Finding totals from data
Finding totals from tables and charts
Organising and comparing data
Calculating averages
Calculating ranges and averages: Problems
Calculating averages: Problems
Shopping problems 1
Calculating ranges and averages

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