Word grammar: Adverbs

Adverbs describe the way something happens, like 'gently', 'always' or 'today'.

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Adverbs includes:

  • Recognising adverbs in a sentence or text
  • The function of adverbs in a sentence
  • The position of adverbs in a sentence
  • The formation and spelling of adverbs
  • The comparative and superlative of adverbs
  • Irregular adverbs

Downloadable Factsheets

Placing adverbs
What are adverbs?
Adverbs: Degrees of comparison
Recognising adverbs

Downloadable Worksheets

Finding adverbs
Positioning adverbs
Identifying and explaining adverbs
Using adverbs to compare
Changing adverbs
Adverbs: Filling the gap

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