Time to get Wild with Numbers ...

The Wild Maths Quiz is a set of audio quizzes for 2nd Level classes, presented by Christina Sinclair, and created in collaboration with NatureScot.

They combine facts and figures about the natural world. There are sums in six categories, with 10 questions in each quiz. The quizzes are audio only, so it's also about listening skills.

There are three levels - Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly. These are designed to be suitable for approximately P5, P6 and P7 respectively.

How to use the Wild Maths Quiz

  • Choose your level (one of the three shown below).
  • Click through - and on the next page you'll see seven quizzes, from Caterpillar (easiest) through to Butterfly (most advanced).
  • Secret Step for teachers/parents only! You can have a look (and download) what's in each quiz in Quiz pdfs.
  • Select a quiz, then click on the Questions screen to hear the questions .
  • When you're ready, click on Answers to play the answers.
Level 1: Caterpillar
Level 2: Chrysalis
Level 3: Butterfly