KS2 PSHE: Have Your Say! 5: Diversity - respecting differences

It’s a battle of the sexes in these resources as girl takes on boy on the speedway circuit. The resources will help pupils to explore that we are all different and that those differences should be respected.

Voxpops 1

Young people share their thoughts on times they have felt 'different'.

I was 8 when I came to this school and I felt very different because I wasn't at as high a standard as everybody else in my class.

I've only just recently come to this school. I've been here for about a year and a half and I felt different from all the others because they all knew each other and I was just this new girl.

I still feel a little bit different from everybody else because I seem to be a lot more energetic and hyper...

Well I'm a bit smaller than most of my class and sometimes I sort of get left out and I'm not the first person to hear the gossip or anything...

Drama 1

The presenter sets the scene: our story is about Wesley and his two friends Jed and Ben.

The story is told from the point of view of Wesley...

Scene 1: Wesley tells us how he loves going to his local speedway track to see the 'Reds' with his friends, Jed and Ben. They're enthusiastic supporters but the Reds never seem to win. The constant failure doesn't dampen Wesley's spirits though and when he tells Jed and Ben about a new 'youth team' initiative at the club the three friends determine to take part.

As Wesley waits for the first youth team meeting he dreams of being a speedway rider as he delivers pizzas on his bike. Then he tells us how after several weeks of training with the youth team the three boys are ready for their first race...

Scene 2: The speedway circuit - the first race. The coach gives the friends a reminder on safety: 'don't do anything silly'. Wesley, Jed and Ben are going to race against each other but they are still waiting for the fourth rider to appear. Suddenly an imposing speedway bike takes up position in the last remaining lane, the rider wearing a silver helmet. The boys can't see who it is.

The race gets underway but it's an anticlimax for Wesley, Jed and Ben: they are easily beaten by the silver helmet. At the end of the race the boys are wondering who the mysterious rider is. The rider removes their helmet and Jed and Ben are horrified because they've been beaten by Zena - a girl!

Wesley is much more reasonable - she's the best rider, simple as that. But Jed and Ben are clearly incapable of accepting that they could have been beaten by a girl.

Drama 2

Scene 3: Wesley begins the second part of the story by telling us how he and his friends Jed and Ben tried to show Zena that they could beat her. Then Jed gets desperate - he tries to knock Zena of the track. But his move backfires and it is Jed that get hurts, not Zena. Zena comes over to them on the track and complains about their behaviour.

Then the big news. There'll be a special race - a youth team challenge. The prize is to do a lap of honour at the next meeting of the Reds. Wesley is excited - it's just what he's been waiting for. Jed and Ben are similiarly excited. The only problem how to stop Zena from winning the race...but Jed has a plan.

Scene 4: The speedway circuit. Jed forces Wesley to admit that he knows where Zena lives, and coerces Wesley into agreeing to take them there. Wesley knows he's doing wrong...but somehow he can't stop himself. So the three boys ride over to Zena's house on their bikes.

Scene 5: Zena's house. The boys go into the garage where Zena's bike is. Jed is going to tamper with the bike to make sure Zena can't win. Wesley loses his nerve and runs away leaving the other two to carry out their plan.

The next few days are terrible for Wesley. He feels guilty about what he has been involved in but fails to tell Zena about what has happened. Then it's time for the big race.

Scene 6: The speedway circuit again. The big race. Wesley wants to tell Zena about what has happened but he doesn't dare. Zena takes off at speed and Wesley is worried about is going to happen to her. Everyone goes all out to win the race. At the climax Jed crashes into Zena but it isn't Zena that's hurt - it's Jed. The race is stopped and an ambulance called.

Scene 7: Still at the circuit. Wesley speaks to Zena who is fine. It turns out that routine maintenance showed up the fault with her bike, so she knew all along about it. It also turns out that Jed hasn't sustained a serious injury, but the race is abandoned and no-one gets to ride the lap of honour.

Teacher's Notes - Diversity - respecting differences

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