KS2 PSHE: Have Your Say! 2: Crime and punishment

The audio resources explore the theme of theft and what punishment is appropriate for an individual guilty of stealing. The drama focuses on Gemma, who we learn has been stealing from her mother’s boyfriend. Gemma’s teacher, Mrs Johnson, becomes aware of the theft and must determine how to deal with the situation.

Voxpops 1

Young people share some of their own experiences of theft.

Once I had my camera stolen. I was very upset. It cost a lot of money and it was quite new.

I had this Pokemon card and it got nicked...and it was quite a good one. I found out who took it and I felt really mad and annoyed. They didn't have the right to take it 'cause like I'd spent quite a lot of money trying to get it.

Once I had my diary stolen that I'd written all my personal feelings in and I was very, very angry.

If somebody stole something from me I think I'd feel very bad because it might have been one of my favourite possessions.

I'd feel upset because it might be something that you can't replace.

It could be worth a lot to you but very little to the person that's stolen it.

Drama 1

The main characters in the story are: Gemma (a school girl); Ella (Gemma's friend); Mrs Johnson (the girls' teacher); Marie (Gemma's mum) and Dave (Marie's boyfriend).

Scene 1: School classroom. Mrs Johnson is telling the class about a forthcoming exam. Gemma isn't paying attention: instead she's showing her friend Ella a shiny cigarette lighter that she has brought to school. Mrs Johnson discovers the lighter and confiscates it.

Scene 2: Gemma's home. Dave, the boyfriend of Gemma's mum, is looking for something that's gone missing...

Scene 3: School playground. Gemma is giving money away in the school playground. She gives Ella a £1 coin and boasts that she also has a £20 note. Once again Mrs Johnson intercepts. Ella reports that Gemma has even more money and that she has been stealing from a local shop.

Scene 4: Gemma's home again. Dave tells Gemma's mum, Marie, that £50 is missing from his wallet and that he suspects Gemma.

Voxpops 2

Children offer their thoughts about people who steal.

We should talk to people who steal because they need to understand that they're hurting other people.

I think what we should do to change attitudes is to show them what it's like to be stolen from.

I think it's a good idea for the person who's been stealing to meet the person they've been stealing from because it can give them a good chance to try and change their personality.

If people carry on stealing we should show them what it feels like to have their most valuable possession taken away from them.

If people knew how hurtful it was to have something stolen then perhaps they might stop stealing.

Drama 2

Scene 5: Gemma's home. The drama continues with a flashback to the day before Gemma stole Dave's lighter and money. Gemma is complaining to her mum about the way Dave treats her. She is extremely unhappy.

Scene 6: Mrs Johnson's office. We rejoin the present and witness Gemma being interviewed by Mrs Johnson. Gemma eventually confesses and talks about her unhappy relationship with Dave. Mrs Johnson makes Gemma think back to an occasion when she had something taken. Gemma begins to feel sorry and Mrs Johnson talks about putting things right. Mrs Johnson insists that Gemma's parents must be told. The drama ends with Gemma pleading with Mrs Johnson not to tell them.

Teacher's Notes - Crime and punishment

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