Primary Drama KS1. 6: Cinderella

The story of 'Cinderella' with simple drama activities for children to join in with.

6: Cinderella


Cinderella spends all day working around the house while her ‘horrible sisters’ sit in armchairs lazily reading magazines and eating chocolate.

One day there is huge excitement as the Prince decides to hold a party at the palace...but Cinderella is not allowed to attend. She is sitting sadly by the fire when she is visited by a tiny old lady - her Wish Fairy. A few moments of magic later and Cinderella is off to the party in a lavish dress, transported by a horse-drawn carriage, with instructions to enjoy herself but to be home before midnight when the magic will end.

Later, at the ball, the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella loses her slipper as she dashes from the palace...but her fortunes are about to change and a happy ending is assured.


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