Primary Drama KS1. 5: Aladdin

The story of 'Aladdin' with simple drama activities for children to join in with.

5: Aladdin


Aladdin is a daydreamer who always imagines himself rich and famous and married to a beautiful princess. One day a man passes by and asks for Aladdin’s help in retrieving an old lamp that has fallen into a hole in the ground. The man gives Aladdin a sparkly ring for his assistance but makes a grab for the lamp and Aladdin is pushed into a cold, dark cave...where he finds old stones that resemble fruit.

Rubbing his hands to keep warm, Aladdin summons the genie of the ring who grants him one wish, which Aladdin uses to get himself home. His mother discards the old lamp on the rubbish heap but is overjoyed to see that Aladdin’s stones are diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The two of them are rich...but an expensive lifestyle means that soon all the money is spent. Polishing up the old lamp in an attempt to sell it, Aladdin summons another genie with the scope for endless wishes. Once again Aladdin is rich and with the help of the genie marries the princess!


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