KS2 Music: Treasure Island

These web pages are an ideal resource for supporting Music at KS2 while introducing pupils to the classic text Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. There are seven songs to learn and vocal coach David Grant is here to teach them - one song per content page. The styles range from rock ’n’ roll to rap, blues to waltz...there’s a Latin flavour and lots of opportunity for percussion and plenty of adventure!

Full details in the Teacher's Notes.

1. Skull and crossbones
2. Jim's blues
3. Little bit of rum
4. Ben Gunn
5. Jimmy be good
6. Punto nero
7. Hispaniola
8. Video and audio clips
Audio downloads

The story

Jim Hawkins - aged 12 - lives and works at the Admiral Benbow Inn on the Bristol Channel. One day an old sailor - Billy Bones - arrives looking for lodgings and before long other sailors arrive too, looking for him. It turns out that Billy Bones has a map, the key to finding a lost treasure hoard in the Caribbean. For Jim it is the start of the great adventure: he and his friends charter the Hispaniola and sail. But their crew includes a number of pirates including Long John Silver and soon he has control of the ship...

How to use these web pages

The content for Treasure Island is structured on the seven songs to learn. Each song appears on its own dedicated page and includes the following resources:

  • Song tutorial video (around 15 minutes in length)
  • Karaoke full vocal version of the song (for rehearsal)
  • Karaoke backing track of the song (for performance)
  • A video of the story episode that links to the song
  • Lyrics to display or download
  • Music to display or download
  • A transcript of the story episode
  • Teacher's Notes describing the content of the tutorial and how best to use it.

Use the Tutorial video to begin learning each song: David Grant guides pupils through each song methodically, giving extra attention to any difficult passages or activities in groups.

Use the Story video to watch an episode of the story. Each episode links to the song on the same page and is about 6 minutes long.

Use the Full vocal and Backing track versions of the songs to revise them in preparation for a performance.

Additionally there is a Clips page where you can download the audio mp3 files of the full vocal and backing track versions of the songs.


Teacher's Notes
Meet the characters
Vocal warm-up
Sequencing activity

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