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1. Skull and crossbones

Tutorial: learn the song 'Skull and crossbones'
Episode 1: Jim Hawkins is tired of his life and dreams of adventure
Song 1: 'Skull and crossbones' (vocal)
Song 1: 'Skull and crossbones' (backing)
Extract from the hornpipe 'Barnacle Bill' (Blue Peter theme tune)

2. Jim's blues

Tutorial: learn the song 'Jim's blues'
Episode 2: Jim has found a map and he'll sail to the Caribbean to find the pirates' treasure
Song 2: 'Jim's blues' (vocal)
Song 2: 'Jim's blues' (backing)

3. Little bit of rum

Tutorial: learn the song 'Little bit of rum'
Episode 3: Jim arrives in Bristol, meets Long John Silver and sets sail
Song 3: 'Little bit of rum' (vocal)
Song 3: 'Little bit of rum' (backing)

4. Ben Gunn

Tutorial: learn the song 'Ben Gunn'
Episode 4: The Hispaniola sails to the Caribbean and Jim discovers pirates aboard
Episode 5: Jim, the Squire, Doctor and Captain escape ashore...where Jim meets Ben Gunn
Song 4: 'Ben Gunn' (vocal)
Song 4: 'Ben Gunn' (backing)

5. Jimmy be good

Tutorial: learn the song 'Jimmy be good'
Episode 6: Jim joins his friends in the stockade but they are under attack from the pirates
Episode 7: Jim steals aboard the Hispaniola, kills one of the pirates, and hides the ship
Song 5: 'Jimmy be good' (vocal)
Song 5: 'Jimmy be good' (backing)
Extract from 'Johnny B Goode' by Chuck Berry

6. Punto nero

Tutorial: learn the song 'Punto nero'
Episode 8: Jim returns to the stockade to find the pirates in charge...and angry with Silver
Song 6: 'Punto nero' (vocal)
Song 6: 'Punto nero' (backing)

7. Hispaniola

Tutorial: learn the song 'Hispaniola'
Episode 9: the pirates follow the map to the treasure...but someone has beaten them to it
Episode 10: the Hispaniola leaves Treasure Island...but what will happen to Long John Silver?
Song 7: 'Hispaniola' (vocal)
Song 7: 'Hispaniola' (backing)


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