Treasure Island: 6. Punto nero

Jim returns to the stockade to find it is now in the control of the pirates. In a quiet moment Silver agrees to protect Jim from the crew in return for his own support. The pirates are unhappy with Silver's inability to secure the treasure and try to serve him with the 'Punto nero' (the 'Black spot') - the subject of the song.

Tutorial: learn the song 'Punto nero'

Tutorial: 'Punto nero'

Key timings in the tutorial video are:

00 00: Listening to the chorus of 'Punto nero' and noting that the words are Spanish for the 'black spot'.
00 55: Learning Verse 1, beginning: 'You take us to the gate of El Dorado...' Repeating the words a line at a time with the choir.
02 30: Learning Verse 2, beginning: 'Now lookee here my faithful caballeros...' Verse 2 is sung to the same melody as Verse 1.
03 27: Learning the chorus, beginning: 'Punto nero, punto nero...' Repeating the words a line at a time, then singing the chorus right through.
05 28: Singing from the start. Be ready in groups - Group 1 to sing Verse 1 and Group 2 in role as Long John Silver to sing Verse 2.
06 42: Learning the middle section rap, beginning: 'There's a booty waiting for you...' singing two lines at a time. Then dividing into two groups to sing alternate lines. At 09 40 singing the rap al the way through.
10 10: Learning Verse 3, beginning: 'The boy is never going back to porto...' Listening then repeating the words in time with the choir.

The story

Episode 8: Jim returns to the stockade to find the pirates in charge...and angry with Silver


Jim stows the Hispaniola and returns to the stockade to discover the pirates in charge. Silver tells him that when they all saw the ship had gone he and Livesey made a deal: Silver allowed Livesey and the Squire to leave in return for the map. Jim tells Silver that it was he that captured the Hispaniola and killed those on board.

The pirates are unhappy with Silver and go outside to parley. While they are gone Silver promises to protect Jim from the pirates in return for his support. When the pirates return they show Silver the black spot...but the spot has no power because it is on a page 'cut from a bible'. Silver uses the moment to reveal that he is now in possession of the map and the pirates celebrate.

You're within half a plank of death.
Long John Silver to Jim

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Song: 'Punto nero'

Song 6: 'Punto nero' (vocal)
Song 6: 'Punto nero' (backing)

Learn the song ‘Punto nero’ - a duo between Silver and the pirates about the 'Black spot'.

Once you have learnt the song singing with vocal version you can polish your performance singing with just the backing track.

Click here for the lyric sheet.

Click here for the music sheet.


Tutorial - transcript
Song: 'Punto nero' - lyrics
Song: 'Punto nero' - music
Story: Episode 8 - transcript
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