The Tempest: Clips

1: Rock the ship

Tutorial 1: 'Rock the ship'
Episode 1 of the story: Prospero and Miranda live in a cave on a desert island...
Song 1: Rock the ship (vocal)
Song 1: Rock the ship (backing)
Listening music: An extract from 'Storm' from 'Four Sea Interludes' by Benjamin Britten

2: Set me free

Tutorial 2: 'Set me free'
Episode 2 of the story: Prospero explains to Miranda how they came to be living on the island
Song 2: Set me free (vocal)
Song 2: Set me free (backing)
Calypso - an extract from 'Music from the ghetto' by Singing Sandra

3: Full fathom five

Tutorial 3: 'Full fathom five'
Episode 3 of the story: Prospero and Ariel tour the island to check on those who have been washed ashore
Song 3: Full fathom five (vocal)
Song 3: Full fathom five (backing)
Ad libs - an extract from 'Always be my baby' by Mariah Carey

4: Toledo steel

Tutorial 4: 'Toledo steel'
Episode 4 of the story: Antonio tries to persuade Sebastian to kill Alonso
Song 4: Toledo steel (vocal)
Song 4: Toledo steel (backing)
An extract from 2nd movement of 'Concerto de Aranjuez' by Rodrigo

5: Barracuda

Tutorial 5: 'Barracuda'
Episode 5 of the story: Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban plan to kill Prospero
Song 5: Barracuda (vocal)
Song 5: Barracuda (backing)
An extract from 'Miranda falls asleep' from 'Music for The Tempest' by Sibelius

6: Brave new world

Tutorial 6: 'Brave new world'
Episode 6 of the story: Ferdinand and Miranda fall hopelessly in love.
Song 6: Brave new world (vocal)
Song 6: Brave new world (backing)
An extract from 'Fantasy Overture: Romeo and Juliet' by Tchaikovsky

7: Spellbound

Tutorial 7: 'Spellbound'
Episode 7 of the story: how should Prospero deal with the courtiers - punishment or forgiveness?
Song 7: Spellbound (vocal)
Song 7: Spellbound (backing)
Harmony - an extract from 'Lungisa indela yakho' by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

8: Sea change

Tutorial 8: 'Sea change'
Episode 8 of the story: Prospero chooses forgiveness and everyone and everything is reconciled
Song 8: Sea change (vocal)
Song 8: Sea change (backing)
Gospel - an extract from 'Oh happy day' sung by 100 Voices

Carrie's vocal warm up

Carrie's vocal warm-up